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We shortchange the people we serve when we work in silos. Put another way, we have infinite opportunity to solve hard problems when we draw on everything we know across any discipline. Such is the case with public schools, namely how to deliver quality education in a pandemic. We can ensure that every child learns if we think outside of a school’s current structure and draw on new ways to think about leadership, implement new roles for technology, and create new opportunities for community to engage in our shared commitment to making sure all kids learn.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working with veteran public school administrator Gerrit Kischner to reimagine public schools as they return to educating children this September. We have integrated what we know about education, online learning, community organizations, network leadership, and equity to create a blueprint for school administrators and instructional leaders trying to wade through the morass of tactical responses and scarcity-informed solutions. We believe that we can use this crisis to reshape schools for the long term. We’ll be leading a working session, Ready for School 2020, on Thursday, July 30 to explore these ideas further. Join us!

Here’s a sneak peak:

Schools valiantly tried to educate children through the spring. The school-centric model resulted in exhausted teachers and administrators, frustrated parents (now co-teachers), and under-utilized specialists and community partners.
Our new model for schools centers the goal that every child learns. Once we put that goal at the center, it becomes clear that there are three supporting pillars: curriculum, connection, and community. The role of the school leaders change as they create the constellation that ensures that every child learns, is known, and has what they need to thrive.

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