Nonprofits do important work in our communities. We make sure people working for the greater good have the knowledge and skills they need by designing learning programs and experiences that are strategic and action-focused.

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About Nancy Bacon

Nancy Bacon helps nonprofits and associations achieve their mission. 
Nancy is a teacher, instructional designer, and learning strategist known for creating learning experiences that move people to action. A former middle school teacher who has served nonprofits in many roles, Nancy has made a career of creating and leading learning programs. She has trained thousands of people in-person and online, speaks on learning and leadership, and writes books and blogs on topics at the intersection of learning and nonprofits. More about Nancy

Nancy also co-hosts the Nonprofit Radio Show with Sarah Brooks. The Nonprofit Radio Show offers bite-size, practical information to help nonprofits thrive. Based in Washington State, the Radio Show celebrates the small nonprofits that serve our diverse communities.

“Talking with you helped me garner perspective and the knowledge I needed to discuss these issues with confidence with my board. You enjoy helping others, and it really shows.”

Nancy has been leading educational programs since 1997.

Nancy advises her range of clients on the business of running learning programs to achieve the reach, revenue, and impact they need to thrive. She builds learning strategies to help clients communicate with funders. She has served as the leading fund development officer for several nonprofits and has received (and now manages) several state contract on behalf of clients.

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Nancy creates resources that support your success.

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Nancy writes to learn and share ideas.

People who manage people: Let’s set supervisors up for success

A free webinar on June 1 from 10am-11pm Pacific on how we can set people who manage people up for greater success The staff turnover that has happened over the past few years—and it still happening in many workplaces—is taking its toll on our nonprofit leaders. Executive Director’s are tired restaffing and then training new…

Just don’t say the “S” word

Strategy. I said it. In one project, we danced around the word avoiding it valiantly because we didn’t want to scare anyone off. In two other projects, it became clear that the gerbil wheel of programming may need some “deeper thought and alignment” (did I avoid the word?). But no, we didn’t have time for…

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