You want to create a nonprofit learning program that is strategic and impacts your mission. You want to lead people to make change. You want that change to stick. You need help where learning, leadership, and nonprofits meet.


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“Nancy’s expertise is second to none. You will come away with practical information and ideas
that you can put to use immediately!

idaho nonprofit center “Trainer academy” participant

About Nancy Bacon

Nancy helps nonprofits and associations achieve their mission. 
Nancy is a teacher, instructional designer, and learning strategist known for creating nonprofit learning experiences that move people to action. A former ESL teacher who has served nonprofits in many roles, Nancy has made a career of creating and leading learning programs. She has trained thousands of people in-person and online, speaks on learning and leadership, and writes books and blogs on topics at the intersection of learning and nonprofits. More about Nancy

Nancy also co-hosts the Nonprofit Radio Show with Sarah Brooks and JoAnn Crabtree. The Nonprofit Radio Show offers bite-size, practical information to help nonprofits thrive. Based in Washington State, the Radio Show celebrates the small nonprofits that serve our diverse communities.

“Talking with you helped me garner perspective and the knowledge I needed to discuss these issues with confidence with my board. You enjoy helping others, and it really shows.”

Cheri perazzoli, hearing loss of washington

Nancy has been leading learning programs since 1997.


Nancy understands that learning begins with leadership. She builds learning strategies to help you achieve the goals you have for your organization and sector. She is a speaker and sector influencer focused on expanding the role that learning plays in the nonprofit sector.


Nancy is a teacher, trainer, and instructional designer for learning that happens both in classrooms and online. She develops learning tools that make sure people can take action. Nancy produces learningful conferences and and leads regular “train the trainer” programs for public sector educators.


Nancy specializes in helping boards and volunteers learn within their organizations and communities. She takes a strength-based approach to celebrate the what is working within small, grassroots organizations. She regularly speaks about the power of nonprofits.

“Nancy and JoAnn delivered an excellent How to Teach Online session. It was engaging and practical, and I continue to receive great feedback on how it is helping our members do their jobs. Thank you!” 

Julie Greene, ChildCare Aware of Virginia

Nancy’s resources include:

Nancy writes to learn and share ideas.

Nonprofits: A Love Story

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