Nancy Bacon
Nancy Bacon

Our world’s a better place when our communities are served by strong nonprofits. Our nonprofits are strong when the people running them have the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to succeed.

I love the space where nonprofits and learning meet. This is where institutions intersect with people, where art meets science, where we define what is holding us back from action and systematically remove those barriers. 

I stand with a foot in both the nonprofit and learning worlds, creating and delivering learning programs for nonprofit-minded people, while working with and within nonprofits. I think, write, and speak about learning and leading nonprofits, sometimes at the same time. I work within and beyond systems to help move people to action.

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I’ve sat through A LOT of trainings, and your toolkit is the most comprehensive and easy-to-understand resource that I have seen to date. Well done!

After taking your workshops, the gears just clicked into place. I’m ready!

This was very inspiring and motivational workshop. Nancy Bacon is the best!

Current projects

Conferences That Make A Difference

New ebook and webinar on how to make conferences learningful.

Chunk Flip Guide Laugh Workbook

Download this tool to help you approach instructional design.



I write about what is on my mind, usually related to learning, nonprofits, and leadership. Read my blog. Subscribe to my blog.

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