You want to create a nonprofit learning program that is strategic and has an impact. You want to lead people to make a change. You want that change to stick over time. You need help where learning, leadership, and nonprofits meet.

“Thank you so much for the workshop! My confidence in your work is sky high! I love how you deploy the best practices around adult education, your nuanced/grounded understanding, and pragmatic empathy for nonprofits.”

Colleen Donovan, Washington State Farmers Markets Association

About Nancy Bacon

Nancy strengthens organizations through learning and leadership. 

Nancy stands with one foot in learning and one in nonprofit leadership, forging new ways for organizations working for the greater good to achieve their goals. She works with individuals, organizations, agencies, and associations to help them be strategic, focused, and effective. More about Nancy

Nancy has been leading learning programs since 1997.


Nancy understands that learning begins with leadership. She builds learning strategies to help you achieve the goals you have for your organization and sector. She is a speaker and sector influencer focused on expanding the role that learning plays in the nonprofit sector.


Nancy is a teacher, trainer, and instructional designer for learning that happens both in classrooms and online. She develops learning tools that make sure people can take action. Nancy produces learningful conferences and and leads regular “train the trainer” programs for public sector educators.


Nancy specializes in helping boards and volunteers learn within their organizations and communities. She takes a strength-based approach to celebrate the what is working within small, grassroots organizations. She regularly speaks about the power of nonprofits.

Nancy’s resources include:

Nancy writes to learn and share ideas.

Why have a learning strategy

Change will come when we enlist our research-based, strategically-aligned learning resources in support of the goals we have for our organization and sector. Nonprofits are important. Their success matters to whole communities, states and even countries, yet they struggle to adapt to new needs and conditions. Something has to change. Change, namely cognitive and behaviorContinue reading “Why have a learning strategy”

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