Ultimately, what are you trying to achieve? What big issues are you trying to move people to action around? What do you need to see to know that you are being successful?

These questions invite conversations about how you can build a learning strategy that supports your goals.

Recently Nancy has helped organizations and associations by:

  • Bringing together team members from various programs to build a shared understanding of how learning happens and how each team member plays a role in moving people to action.
  • Mapping existing programs and partnerships into a cohesive learning strategy that defines core work.
  • Facilitating an instructional design process that resulted in customized training, tools, and supports.
  • Advising on conference design with a focus on learning and connection.

Do you want to build more intention into your learning program?
Do you want to “move the needle” on something?

Is your conference needing a learning refresh?
Contact Nancy for ideas.

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