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Books & checklists

Nonprofit Learning Playbook
How to Design for Action ebook
Conferences That Make A Difference
“Chunk Flip Guide Laugh” tool for instructional design
Racial Equity in Learning Checklist
Activity ideas


This short video was created to help workshop presenters get ready for a conference.
Allison Shirk has helped nonprofit raise more money. How did she do it? She created a learning strategy. Learn what she did.

Part 1 of series with Guila Muir. We talk about the difference between facilitation and training (and why it matters).
Part 2 of series with Guila Muir. Assessment and evaluation are often after thoughts. We try to make it easier.
Part 3 of series with Guila Muir. We talk how outcomes are a trainer’s promise to their participants.
Part 4 of series with Guila Muir. We often produce tools to help people reflect, remember, and take action. Here how they help.

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