Conferences That Make a Difference

by Nancy Bacon & Mark Nilles
Fall 2019

You have the power to make the conferences you organize powerful learning experiences. Download this resource to learn about the four pillars of conference design: strategy, pre-conference preparation, conference day impact, and post-conference support. Download Conferences ebook.

How to Design for Action

by Nancy Bacon & Margaret “Meps” Schulte
January 2020

In How to Design for Action, Nancy Bacon and Meps Schulte introduce you to the basics of instructional design and walk you through our unique iterative process. Download How to Design ebook.

Chunk Flip Guide Laugh

by Nancy Bacon

In 2015, I developed a way to think about how we take information and turn it into something meaningful for learners and listeners. Chunk Flip Guide Laugh has proven useful to instructional designers, speakers, and teachers. Download Chunk Flip Guide Laugh resource.

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