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Books & checklists

How to Design for Action ebook
Conferences That Make A Difference
Conference Workshop Planner
“Chunk Flip Guide Laugh” tool for instructional design
Racial Equity in Learning Checklist
Online Learning Checklist


This short video was created to help workshop presenters get ready for a conference.
Allison Shirk has helped nonprofit raise more money. How did she do it? She created a learning strategy. Learn what she did.

Part 1 of series with Guila Muir. We talk about the difference between facilitation and training (and why it matters).
Part 2 of series with Guila Muir. Assessment and evaluation are often after thoughts. We try to make it easier.
Part 3 of series with Guila Muir. We talk how outcomes are a trainer’s promise to their participants.
Part 4 of series with Guila Muir. We often produce tools to help people reflect, remember, and take action. Here how they help.

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