For a complete look at the many nonprofit learning resources she has developed since 2014, visit the Washington Nonprofit Institute website!

Nancy Bacon designs instruction to get people where they need to go. Through a process honed over two decades of curriculum development experience, she addresses the barriers holding people back and builds in ways to support long-term change. She takes a holistic view, finding solutions outside of classroom training. The resources she develops leverage what we know about learning and human behavior to be practical and relevant.

I’ve sat through A LOT of trainings, and your toolkit is the most comprehensive and easy-to-understand resource that I have seen to date. Well done!

Nonprofit development director

Recent design topics

Boards best practice
Disaster planning

Food bank certification
How to start a nonprofit
Instructional design

Nonprofit basics
Positive discipline and resilience

Aim for Action model

In 2019, Nancy created Aim for Action in partnership with Margaret “Meps” Schulte. Watch this short video about the model.

Do you need help solving a problem?
Do you need help getting people to do things differently?
Do you need a new curriculum?

Give Nancy a call to see how she can help.

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