The power of curiosity

Curiosity is a powerful thing. It motivates people to learn. It inspires the hunt for information, leading to better decisions. It’s been shown to improve performance. A curious mind remembers more. (Look at the bottom of this article for the research behind these statements. When else today will you have the chance to read aboutContinue reading “The power of curiosity”

Nekya’s Two Cents

The Design Learning Spaces for Belonging series invites trainers, consultants, and learning leaders into conversations about strategies to ensure that everyone belongs in our learning spaces.

Do The Work

An invitation to join the Fall Learning Series that starts on September 27 Last month I picked up a new book focused on racial equity. Everything about this book spoke to me. Its title was action focused. Its pages offered lots of space for writing, coloring, and playing. It balances activities to do alone and waysContinue reading “Do The Work”

How do you know you made a difference?

How do we know if we made a difference? How do we do evaluation simply given all of the demands on our time and the fact that too often, evaluation is not funded.

Experts, beware

Important research on experts helps us to center the people we are teaching and what they need to know.

Reflections for Association Learning Leaders

Association learning leaders are poised to come out of the pandemic with a deeper and broader strategy that moves the needle on what matters. Here are five elements of that strategy to pay attention to.

The Deconstructed Conference

I have served on the team producing the Central Washington Conference for the Greater Good since its inception in 2014. This conference was held in person in Yakima for six years, giving local nonprofit leaders a place to learn without having to travel over mountains or vast distances. With one month’s notice in March 2020,Continue reading “The Deconstructed Conference”

Small actions

I’ve always liked the quote from Dwight Eisenhower, “If you can’t solve a problem, enlarge it.” It invites us to turn technical problems into system change opportunities. So it is shift for me to be thinking a lot about how to make problems smaller. More specifically, I’ve been looking at the big actions we wantContinue reading “Small actions”

Hard out it of to is understand order words.

Good instructional design puts information in an order that makes sense. It taps into the right emotions. It centers what you will see or hear different afterwards.


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