The Deconstructed Conference

I have served on the team producing the Central Washington Conference for the Greater Good since its inception in 2014. This conference was held in person in Yakima for six years, giving local nonprofit leaders a place to learn without having to travel over mountains or vast distances. With one month’s notice in March 2020,Continue reading “The Deconstructed Conference”

Small actions

I’ve always liked the quote from Dwight Eisenhower, “If you can’t solve a problem, enlarge it.” It invites us to turn technical problems into system change opportunities. So it is shift for me to be thinking a lot about how to make problems smaller. More specifically, I’ve been looking at the big actions we wantContinue reading “Small actions”

The Case for Graphics and Design

“It don’t care what it looks like. The content is there.”“I’m not good at graphics. I use PowerPoint templates to create a slidedeck.”“I’m a bullet-point junky. I can’t live without them.” Describe you? Someone you know? I hear versions of these statements regularly in my work with nonprofit consultants and learning leaders. We don’t needContinue reading “The Case for Graphics and Design”

Stairs, ramps, and curb-cuts: Designing for everyone

If you were constructing an entrance to a building and were resource-constrained, would you build stairs or a ramp? Stairs make the building accessible to individuals who are able-bodied. The ramp makes the building accessible to everyone. Often we build stairs and then later add on the ramp. What if we were to consider access inContinue reading “Stairs, ramps, and curb-cuts: Designing for everyone”

cute puppy looking at you

I see you: how to build trust and connection online

Here we go again. In-person sessions are being moved online. Inevitably the person organizing the conference or workshop breaks the news with a sigh. “It won’t be the same.” Perhaps it won’t be the same, but we have made a lot of progress over the past year on how to deliver online learning with aContinue reading “I see you: how to build trust and connection online”


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