Why It Matters

Recovery Cafe Network team members in Seattle, WA. When they hone their training skills and implement a clear learning strategy, the organizations serving people suffering from homelessness, addition, and other challenges will thrive.

Nonprofits matter.

Our communities rely on nonprofits to provide key services, enrich our lives through the arts, and protect our rights and those of the most vulnerable. Nonprofits create community to serve community, a vital part of our democracy. It is incumbent upon nonprofits to lead when it comes to equity and inclusion, shaping spaces in which all belong. For the health and vitality of our communities, it matters that nonprofits in all communities across the country are strong and ready to serve.

Learning leadership matters.

Imagine a day when nonprofits are ready and able to transform how they serve their communities. They are leaders in decision-making because of their knowledge of the people they serve. They solve hard problems through broad collaborations that put opportunities and challenges at the center of their focus. Nonprofits work with abundance over scarcity.

All of this is possible if we invest in the kind of learning that changes minds, behavior, and actions. We can achieve this if we revolutionize the role that learning plays in the nonprofit sector. 

Learning is about change.

An effective learning program goes beyond learning knowledge and skills. It solves problems, improves performance, brings people together, drives strategy, and gives people inspiration and hope. Effective learning is centered around what it takes to move people to action. That might be learning, but it could also involve a change in context, tools, encouragement, teams, and time for reflection. This kind of learning requires leadership.  

Let’s talk about why learning leadership matters. Let’s explore how to bring these ideas back into your organization.

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