Nonprofit Learning Playbook

The Nonprofit Learning Playbook gives you one resource for the three pillars of a strong learning program: learning strategy, curriculum design, and workshop delivery. It was designed for nonprofit leaders who design and deliver learning programs, classes, and trainings. You are encouraged to print it out and share it with colleagues. Individual pages may be helpful for presenters or partners.

The Playbook represents a distillation of our three most popular learning events: The Trainer Academy, Design for Results, and Build a Learning Strategy. It draws from the latest research and our experiences creating and leading association learning programs. It is offered in appreciation for all that you do for nonprofits in your community.

Want to learn more? Join us for our Fall series.

9/23 – Beyond Workshop & Webinars: Tools to Move People to Action
10/7 – Designing Accessible Learning Programs
11/9 – Graphics and Design in Learning

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“In addition to being a talented educator, you have an amazing command of the entire spectrum of the capacity building literature. You enthusiastically and effortlessly communicate this rich body of knowledge using practical applications, relatable stories, and real world examples.”

Rob maddrey, chief sustainability officer, north carolina center for nonprofits

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