Design for Results: How to create curriculum that leads to change

About Nancy Bacon

Nancy Bacon is a teacher, instructional designer, and learning strategist who has worked for over 25 years in the nonprofit sector. She led the teams that created nonprofit curriculum used across Washington State: Boards in Gear, Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits, Let’s Go Legal and more. She has delivered hundreds of trainings in-person and online. She co-wrote “How to Design For Action” and “Conferences That Make A Difference,” available on her website:

What recent attendees have said

I’ve sat through A LOT of trainings, and your toolkit is the most comprehensive and easy-to-understand resource that I have seen to date. Well done!

This was easily one of the best trainings I have attended.

Nancy’s expertise is second to none. You will come away with practical information and ideas that you can put to use immediately!

This was exactly what we needed, and we have learned so much!! Nancy, you’re awesome!

A cohort program limited to 20 participants

You want to move people to action. You want them to change how they do things so they achieve better results. Maybe you want board members to know how to advocate for their mission, or you want to help staff members fulfill their goals around fundraising or volunteer recruitment. Whatever they need to be able to do, you need to design effective lessons, tools, and experiences.

Design for Results is designed for learning leaders, program directors, consultants, and trainers working in the social sector. Through a cohort model limited to 20 people, it leads you through a well-tested design process that yields a ready-to-use curriculum (or whatever collection of lessons, tools, and experiences you need to achieve your goals).

This is a series of work sessions in which you will learn the process and implement it in the company of peers. You will work outside of our live sessions to get ready and to apply the process to a specific topic of your choosing. You should come to this series with an idea for a curriculum or an existing curriculum* that you want to improve. You will receive assignments before and after each event to help you make progress. If you do the work along the way (please set aside the time!), you will come out of this series with a ready-to-use curriculum in time for the spring conference season (at the fraction of the cost of hiring a curriculum writer). You will have a model for your future curriculum writing too.

* Don’t let the word curriculum limit you! A curriculum is a body of knowledge to be transmitted. It is a set of tools (white papers, instructions, checklists, videos, etc.) that support an end result. What you produce through this series may be a curriculum that you deliver through trainings. It could also be a set of tools, on demand videos, and checklists that help people do something outside of a training scenario.

2 live online work sessions
1 peer feedback session
Instructor feedback
On-demand learning support

January 14 & 28, 2021 from 9:00-11:00am (Pacific) – main cohort
January 15 & 29, 2021 from 9:00-11:00am (Pacific) – NCN cohort
Week of February 8: peer feedback session


Imagine a day when nonprofits are ready and able to transform how they serve their communities. They are leaders in decision-making because of their knowledge of the people they serve. They solve hard problems through broad collaborations that put opportunities and challenges at the center of their focus. Nonprofits work with abundance over scarcity. All of this is possible if we invest in the kind of learning that changes minds, behavior, and actions. We can achieve this if we revolutionize the role that learning plays in the nonprofit sector. 

Nancy Bacon

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