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  • I see you: how to build trust and connection online

    Here we go again. In-person sessions are being moved online. Inevitably the person organizing the conference or workshop breaks the news with a sigh. “It won’t be the same.” PerhapsContinue reading “I see you: how to build trust and connection online”

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  • Communication and learning

    Regular readers of this blog know that I use this space to think out loud. It is where I take shards of a theme that keep surfacing and see howContinue reading “Communication and learning”

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  • Tools to help people take action

    Tools are key elements in an effective learning program. Tools help people to do their job. They also help with learning transfer.

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  • The Nonprofit Learning Test Kitchen

    We have some new projects brewing at the back of our stove. Our test kitchen is humming with activity as learning experts and technologists come together to try and findContinue reading “The Nonprofit Learning Test Kitchen”

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  • I got your back.

    I got your back.

    Robbie Kellman Baxter, in her book The Forever Transaction, poses an interesting question to organizations and associations: what is your forever promise? Think about the people you serve, whether theyContinue reading “I got your back.”

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  • What’s the hard work? Focus on that.

    I started work on a new curriculum development project last week. This one is about human trafficking and sexual exploitation—pretty heavy stuff. Our goal is to make sure the staffContinue reading “What’s the hard work? Focus on that.”

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  • One year in: Reflections

    I have officially been working as a consultant for one year. It was not my original plan to start a new consulting practice at the start of a global pandemic.Continue reading “One year in: Reflections”

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  • Tools to plan for that next disaster

    In April 2021, my colleague Margaret Meps Schulte and I released a new nonprofit resource: Disaster Planning for Nonprofits. Sponsored in Washington State by the Non Profit Insurance Program (NPIP),Continue reading “Tools to plan for that next disaster”

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  • Move the needle.

    Move the needle.

    The question “What do you want to move the needle on?” invites us to think about our bigger vision. It focuses us, and that kind of focus is what nonprofits need as we try to make a bigger difference with fewer resources.

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  • Behavioral science: Another set of tools to draw on

    Kristine Scott runs Seattle Conflict Resolution. She is focused on how to reduce conflict through a proven non-violent response that works with even the most hostile people. Kristine reduces violenceContinue reading “Behavioral science: Another set of tools to draw on”

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