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  • How do you know you made a difference?

    How do we know if we made a difference? How do we do evaluation simply given all of the demands on our time and the fact that too often, evaluation is not funded.

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  • Experts, beware

    Experts, beware

    Important research on experts helps us to center the people we are teaching and what they need to know.

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  • Reflections for Association Learning Leaders

    Association learning leaders are poised to come out of the pandemic with a deeper and broader strategy that moves the needle on what matters. Here are five elements of that strategy to pay attention to.

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  • The Deconstructed Conference

    I have served on the team producing the Central Washington Conference for the Greater Good since its inception in 2014. This conference was held in person in Yakima for sixContinue reading “The Deconstructed Conference”

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  • Small actions

    Small actions

    I’ve always liked the quote from Dwight Eisenhower, “If you can’t solve a problem, enlarge it.” It invites us to turn technical problems into system change opportunities. So it isContinue reading “Small actions”

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  • Nonprofit Radio Show: Sunshine for Small Nonprofits

    Nancy Bacon and Sarah Brooks co-host the Nonprofit Radio Show, a podcast designed to give small, rural nonprofits regular opportunities to learn and connect on topics that matter.

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  • Hard out it of to is understand order words.

    Good instructional design puts information in an order that makes sense. It taps into the right emotions. It centers what you will see or hear different afterwards.

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  • The Case for Graphics and Design

    “It don’t care what it looks like. The content is there.”“I’m not good at graphics. I use PowerPoint templates to create a slidedeck.”“I’m a bullet-point junky. I can’t live withoutContinue reading “The Case for Graphics and Design”

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  • You don’t get compliance by talking about compliance.

    Many compliance-focused efforts are built around the belief that people will do something if they know about it. This article explains four other ways to increase compliance for the long term.

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  • Stairs, ramps, and curb-cuts: Designing for everyone

    If you were constructing an entrance to a building and were resource-constrained, would you build stairs or a ramp? Stairs make the building accessible to individuals who are able-bodied. The rampContinue reading “Stairs, ramps, and curb-cuts: Designing for everyone”

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