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6/22 | 12:00-1:30pm – Navigating Worker-related Rules in Washington State
What every nonprofit needs to know to be compliant with Washington State Department of Labor & Industries rules

Nonprofits are required to follow worker-related laws in Washington. That means that every nonprofit needs to know what those laws are and how they relate to their work serving their community.

Navigating Worker-related Rules in Washington Stateprovides an overview of what you need to know and why. During this session, we will walk through the three types of worker-related rules overseen by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries: work standards, safety and health, and workers’ compensation. You will learn what nonprofit employers need to do to stay compliant in Washington State. You will hear about common challenges, as well as opportunities that you may have not known about. Share your experiences with colleagues and leave the session with a few action steps to move forward within your organization.

This workshop expands on the resources available through the new Nonprofit Labor & Industries Navigator resource, developed by Nancy Bacon in partnership with the Department of Labor & Industries for employer outreach and education.

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