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We are delighted to be partnering with the Sherwood Trust and the Nonprofit and Community Learning Center to bring you this series. We will post all links here. Please email us if you have any questions or need help accessing the materials.

About the series
Nonprofit Radio Show

September 16 and 23
Nonprofit Financial Strategy in Response to Crisis (2-part)
Powerpoint – session 1
Powerpoint- session 2

Curt Klotz’s article about core mission budgeting
Curt Klotz’s article about equity and budgeting
Jim Collins’ Hedgehog Concept description

Question: What are managers/directors doing to keep wages/benefits up and budget for potentially imminent revenue shortfalls?

Answer from HR expert Skye Mercer:

I typically recommend looking at the budgeting process to make sure there is a “people-first” methodology for deciding on spending. For example, starting with the pay and benefits as an automatic line item and then prioritize spending from there. I also think we as nonprofit leaders and consultants need to advocate for and lobby more funders to allow for grants and contracts to be used on overhead and wages. I think there are some strategic ways to do “capital fundraising” around staff wages as well, especially if wages can be shown as behind even the nonprofit market. 

The other idea is to leverage a benefits broker to negotiate 0% health insurance increases, considering the hard times nonprofits are in. I have had luck with this especially through partnering with local brokers who believe in the nonprofit’s mission. 

I subscribe to the “small and mighty” staffing methodology, where it’s important to be as efficient as possible in nonprofit operations. This is to avoid the nonprofit model where employees are significantly underearning and the underearning grows as the need for the program need grows. As an HR person, I feel strongly that our values must be applied to how we treat our staff, not just our program clients and donors.

RECORDING – Session 1
RECORDING – Session 2

October 21
Six Superpowers of a Small Nonprofit Fundraiser

November 17
Network leadership: Collaboration for Greater Impact

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