The Trainer Academy

Welcome! Our goal is that you complete the series with the knowledge, tools, and practice you need to design and deliver an engaging training that makes a difference. Your success matters, so bookmark this page to have access to resources for the next three months (until September 15). I will add resources to this page as we go along. Please check back.

Course tools

Workbook (pdf)

Session 1 presentation – handout form
Session 1 recording

BONUS VIDEO: I have a lot more to say about tools and how to play with time to support learning and action. I recorded a 4-minute bonus video with additional information. Only watch this if you want more! (I also wrote about this topic in my August 2021 newsletter.) How will you use a 4-quadrant approach to expand how you support your learners?

Session 2 presentation – handout form
Session 2 recording

Additional resources

“Aim for Action” video – explains the barriers/accelerators model
How to Design for Action ebook – describes my curriculum design method
5 minute videos on learning topics (recorded with Guila Muir)
17 minute video on learning objectives (Will Thalheimer)
The Ultimate Guide for Giving Virtual Presentations on Zoom
Learning periodic table…. and recording of Brian Washburn talking about it

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