You know that feeling when you get something for the first time because the teacher in the front of the room seems to be speaking right to you? You know rush you get when you finally discover a trick or a tool that will get you beyond some barrier holding you back?

That’s the kind of teacher Nancy works to be. For most adults, learning is about being able to do something differently. She creates learning experiences that begin with who is in the room and delivers just the right amount of content and tools to move them to action.

After taking your workshops, the gears just clicked into place.
I’m ready!

Nonprofit board president

Nancy teaches both about nonprofit and learning topics.

Nonprofit topics

Nonprofit basics: What you need to know to run a nonprofit
Boards: The why, what, who, and how of running an effective board
Finance: What every board member needs to know about nonprofit finance
Grantwriting/fundraising: How to raise money from institutions and individuals
Strategic planning: How to build a plan that moves your organization forward

Learning topics

Action planning: How to reverse engineer action
Learning strategy: How to build a learning strategy (and why it matters)
Instructional design: How to design curriculum for a specific audience
Tool development: How to support action through tools (checklists, templates, scripts, and more)
Conference design: How to design a learningful conference

Formats for these learning events typically are:

Online courses
Workshops or conference breakout sessions
Half day sessions
Whole day sessions
Customized to your needs

What was the highlight? Seeing Nancy’s energy and connection with the participants. That is the gold standard!

Online Leading & Learning participant

Are you looking for an experienced trainer?
Contact Nancy for a workshop that is engaging and makes a difference.

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