Reemergence Learning Series

We launched the Reemergence Series with a few communities in Summer 2020 to help nonprofits get ready for what comes next. Nonprofit leaders learned about leadership and HR, financial strategy, fundraising, and collaboration an integrated and interactive way. In October 2020, we expanded our offerings to respond to what nonprofit leaders tell us they want to know more about: mergers, disaster planning, and fundraising with an equity lens.

“THANK YOU for providing these workshops. They have all been amazing.”
– Participant in North Central Washington

Available workshops

Leading in Times of Uncertainty | HR in Times of Uncertainty

With Skye Mercer, Skye HR Consulting

COVID-19 has presented one of the most complex and difficult circumstances in the modern workplace. Leading and supporting employees and serving clients amidst changing legislation, funding uncertainty, and the threat of illness in the workplace, is uniquely challenging. No leader should go it alone. Getting support for managing in times of uncertainty is critical for any leader. If you are looking for support, tools, and strategies for leading your employees through a global pandemic, then this workshop is for you.

Nonprofit Financial Strategy in Response to Crisis

With Scott Schaffer, Public Interest Management Group

The current public health crisis has disrupted your operations and funding sources, with longer-term impacts that remain unknown. You face immediate budget impacts and potentially serious threats to sustainability. You need help navigating your way through this situation and bringing your board and funders along to a place of greater sustainability. That is what this online course is all about. Over two 90-minute online sessions, participants gain the information you need to visualize and chart a financial strategy that proactively addresses the short- and longer-term impacts of the crisis.

Merger: A Strategy for Nonprofit Sustainability

With Scott Schaffer, Public Interest Management Group

Merger: A Strategy for Nonprofit Sustainability unpacks what nonprofit Executive Directors and board leaders need to know about a range of options to restructure organizations. It addresses how an organization decides whether to merge, drawing on Scott Schaffer’s practical experience guide nonprofits through the benefits and challenges of integrating. Finally, it walks through the three key steps in a merger process with guidance on opportunities and potential pitfalls along the way. A lot about merging comes down to the human factors of culture and trust, and we’ll explore how these factors can be addressed by the organizations involved. You’ll complete the course knowing what you can do yourself and what will involve outside support.

Six Superpowers of the Small Nonprofit Fundraiser

With Sarah Brooks, Methow Conservancy

Do you find yourself constantly juggling your fundraising responsibilities with 64 other tasks for your mission? Raising money in a small nonprofit can feel overwhelming sometimes, but the truth is you have 6 superpowers that fundraisers in bigger organizations would LOVE to have! You just need to recognize and unleash them — even when it means you break some commonly held fundraising “rules.” Uncover your superpowers and learn how to avoid the small nonprofit fundraisers’ kryptonite. This workshop is designed with plenty of time for small and large group discussion to share and discuss ideas about what works best for your area.

Fundraising with Community at the Center

With Pamela Oakes, The Profitable Nonprofit

In Fundraising with Community at the Center, we explore Community-Centric Fundraising, a model that is grounded in equity. We examine how it incorporates race, equity, social justice, and community-building into fundraising practices, and how we—by following its principles—can enable a more equitable and just nonprofit sector. We re-imagine nonprofit fundraising to shift our practice to further our commitment to social justice.

Network Leadership: Collaboration for Greater Impact

With Marty Kooistra, New Network Leader and Housing Development Consortium

You work hard. You struggle to raise enough money and recruit enough volunteers to achieve big, bold changes. You wonder how to grow your budget to be able to do more, a challenge that just got harder with COVID-19. Your partnership efforts aren’t what they could be because who has the time. Sound familiar? “Next Steps in Network Leadership” is designed to help you build the kind of collaborations that reduce stress and increase impact. You will learn the four principles of network leadership and how to apply them. You will see evidence on how network leadership is so effective and practice words to help you explain its power to your board and extended community. This webinar is particularly powerful for teams ready to take the next step on building collaborations.

Build a Nonprofit Disaster Plan

With Nancy Bacon, Nancy Bacon Consulting

You work hard to run programs and solve problems. You are focused on your work, not on getting ready for that disaster that might happen. You intend to do the right thing, yet limitations on time, funding, and technical knowledge can get in the way of getting your organization ready for something bad to happen. During this workshop, we unpack three key steps to nonprofit disaster planning: documentation, building a “Go Kit,” and creating a Continuity of Operations Plan by disaster and task. You will complete this session with practical tools, including excel spreadsheets ready for you to fill out. You will be prepared to rally your staff and board around disaster planning so whatever comes your way doesn’t stop you (for too long) from your important mission.

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