Online Leading & Learning – October 1

Your success really matters, so we have created this landing page as a resource to you. It contains all of the resources you need for our session. We have also posted additional links and bonus materials that we hope you find helpful.

Session materials

Powerpoint in handout form

Helpful links

Padlet — here’s OUR PADLET if you want to keep playing
Google docs
Editable slides
* Nancy’s editable slide for your to copy and paste (with directions)
iPad/iPhone annotation tips
Social presence (Nancy’s blog on the topic)
Does e-Learning Work? (found here on Will Thalheimer’s website)

Set up

Nancy’s microphone
Nancy’s lighting set-up

Bonus materials

WORKSHOP SCORING GUIDE. I am often asked for a scoring guide to help people create or identify high quality workshops. This scoring guide captures a first cut list of characteristics that I would look for in determining the quality of a presentation.

HOW TO DESIGN FOR ACTION EBOOK: If you are designing workshops, it may be helpful to do a more thorough curriculum design process. You are welcome to download my free ebook to help.

ASYNCHRONOUS VS SYNCHRONOUS ENGAGEMENT: If this is a topic of interest to you, note that I wrote a short piece about it in August. I shared Patti Shank and Daniel Stanford’s research to help you develop a four-quadrant approach.

If you would like to know more on this, sign up for our Trainer Academy running on October 7 and 14 with the Idaho Nonprofit Center. This will be a deeper dive into the what and how of online and in-person teaching.

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