Next Level Learning Programs: Expanding Membership through Learning Excellence

Your learning program is an important driver of membership. You deliver workshops and webinars and possibly a conference or two. You build training experiences that allow your people to do their jobs better, faster, or safer. What can you do to take your learning program to the next level? How can you demonstrate your commitment to excellence in learning so members take notice?

Next Level Learning Programs is designed for association learning leaders who want to reflect on their strategy, particularly in this online world, and sharpen their workshop design and delivery skills. It will be interactive and outcome focused as you complete a planner with ideas and next steps. We will start at the 10,000-foot level, defining key elements of a strategy that reflects synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities. We will align these strategies with what we know about adult learning and how we best move people to action.

The second half of our session will focus on workshop design and delivery. We will use a basic workshop design structure to anchor our planning. We will then explore higher level aspects of powerful workshop design, such as the role of storytelling in learning, how to use job aids and tools for reflection and learning transfer, ways to draw on and meet the needs of multiple perspectives and experiences, and strategies for improving feedback. We will address racial equity and accessibility within curriculum and instructional design, identifying ways that we can take action on our commitment to equity and inclusion. We will explore a few concepts from psychology and behavioral economics to round out the tools in our Next Level Learning Program toolbox.

A learning outcome is a trainer’s promise as to what you will leave being able to do. By the end of Next Level Learning Programs, you will be able to:

  • Describe your organization’s four-quadrant strategy
  • Plan curriculum to address the barriers that hold people back from taking action
  • Explain three specific strategies for improving your workshops (or those you hire others to deliver)
  • Name two ways that you can address equity and accessibility in your learning program

Presenter: Nancy Bacon is a teacher, instructional designer, and learning strategist known for creating nonprofit and association learning experiences that move people to action. Nancy has made a career of creating and leading learning programs, twice assuming leadership of those organizations’ membership programs because of the strength of the learning program she founded. She has trained thousands of people in-person and online, speaks on learning and leadership, and writes books and blogs on topics at the intersection of learning and nonprofits, available at Nancy also co-hosts the Nonprofit Radio Show.

Let’s work together to activate your learning program.

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