I know you are busy and don’t have time to learn about nonprofit learning the long way. I write to remember, to reflect, and to get your thoughts on what I am thinking about.

Nancy, I was looking forward to your monthly email.  I am grateful to know you.

Nonprofit leader – Spokane, washington

Recent newsletters

February 2021 – strategy
January 2021 – why reinvent the wheel
December 2020 – how to think less and end-of-year wrap up
November 2020 – reflections on Native Heritage month and upcoming learning opportunities
October 2020 – reflections on change and what it means for nonprofits
September 2020 – ideas, events, and tools related to the change nonprofits are experiencing
August 2020 – expanding ideas on knowledge and online
July 2020 – storytelling and “best practice”
June 2020 – focus on racial equity
May 2020 – focus on the producer role
April 2020 – focus on teaching online
March 2020 – focus on learning strategy
February 2020 – focus on instructional design

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