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Nonprofit Radio Show

July 22
Leading in Times of Uncertainty with Skye Mercer

August 25 & 27
Nonprofit Financial Strategy in Response to Crisis (2-part)
Powerpoint – session 1Recording
Powerpoint- session 2Recording

Curt Klotz’s article about core mission budgeting
Curt Klotz’s article about equity and budgeting
Jim Collins’ Hedgehog Concept description

September 22
Six Superpowers of a Small Nonprofit Fundraiser

Powerpoint handout
Members Matter sample
Fundraising Report sample
Recording – part 1 | Recording – part 2

October 8
Network leadership: Collaboration for Greater Impact

Discussion Guide
Powerpoint (2 slides per page)
Powerpoint (3 slides with space for notes)
Recording – part 1 | Recording – part 2

October 22
Next steps community conversation

Google doc

PRODUCTION NOTE: “Choose your own breakout room” is a new feature in Zoom. If you weren’t invited to do so today, you might update your version of Zoom. Here’s information on how to update.

“Reflection and action… if one is sacrificed—even in part—the other immediately suffers.” – Paulo Freire

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