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Welcome to our 2-part series on August 19 & 26, 2021. Our goal is that you complete the series with the knowledge, tools, and practice you need to design and deliver an engaging training that makes a difference. Your success matters, so this will be our landing page where I will add resources that come up in our session. Please check back!

Course tools

Workbook (pdf) *Download this and complete the first page to get ready for our first session*

Session 1 presentation – handout form
Session 1 recording

Session 2 presentation – handout form
Session 2 recording

Additional resources

The Biggest Myth in Learning: Learning Styles (14 min video)
Graphics: Learning strategy “quadrants” and Synchronous vs asynch sweet spots
5 minute videos on learning topics (recorded with Guila Muir) *Facilitation vs training here*
Report on personality instruments such as Myers-Briggs (Please note that I did not intend to comment on all methodologies that exist. That is beyond my expertise. What I have seen challenges the instruments that try to define a person as one identity, like a visual learner or a certain Myers-Briggs “type.”

MENTIONED IN SESSION 2 for interesting drawings and characters
PowerUser for slide graphics. It is free for a time period. You can grab what you need during that free period.
Canva (not mentioned, but good to know). I use Canva for additional graphics. There is a free version.
Learning-Transfer Evaluation Model

REMEMBER THE 30 DAY CHALLENGE. Email me ( on 9/26 to tell me what you applied and what has been hard. I’ll give you support and any requested feedback.

REMEMBER THE SLIDESHOW FEEDBACK OFFER. Email me ( your slide deck after you address the issues discussed in our 2nd session. I’ll give you direct feedback and suggestions.

UPCOMING LEARNING – discount code NCNonprofit to save $20.
9/23 – Beyond Workshop & Webinars: Tools to Move People to Action
10/7 – Designing Accessible Learning Programs
11/9 – Graphics and Design in Learning
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“Aim for Action” video – explains the barriers/accelerators model
How to Design for Action ebook – describes my curriculum design method

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