North Carolina Nonprofit Capacity Builders Series

Here are the resources for this series:

Session 1

Workbook (session 1 and 2)
Powerpoint – Session 1 (2 slides per page)
Powerpoint – Session 1 (notes version)

Session 2

See workbook above
Racial Equity in Learning Checklist

More resources

Checklist for strong learning design
Asset-framing and Trabian Shorters
Will Thalheimer and the Learning Transfer Evaluation Model

Accessibility resources

For assignment

“Push less dirt, lift more rocks” blog post on instructional design
How to Design for Action ebook
“Chunk Flip Guide Laugh” tool

Session 3


How to foster psychological safety in virtual meetings (HBR)
Get Present: Build Community and Connectness Online
Top Tools for Learning 2020
Presuasion podcast with Robert Cialdini
Editable text boxes

Session 4

Training Checklist (word doc so you can customize to your needs)

Google doc – Mapping Community Capacity
“The Networked Nonprofit” by Jane Wei-Skillern and Sonia Marciano (SSIR – 2008)
The New Network Leader website
“The New Network Leader” – list of articles featuring network leaders and their stories (SSIR)
Cynefin Framework explained by Dave Snowden (video/ less than 9 minutes)


Please spend 5 minutes to give us feedback on this series. Your feedback will give us important information on how we can make these programs better. Thank you!

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