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Welcome to our 2-part series on January 13 & 20, 2022. Our goal is that you complete the series with the knowledge, tools, and practice you need to design and deliver an engaging training that makes a difference. Your success matters, so this will be our landing page where I will add resources that come up in our session. Please check back!

Course tools

Workbook (pdf) *Download this and complete the first page to get ready for our first session*

Session 1 presentation (handout version)
Session 1 recording (We did not record this session. Here is a version from June 15)

The Biggest Myth in Learning: Learning Styles (14 min video)
More on learning styles
Activities descriptions

Beyond Workshops & Webinars: Tools to move people to action (archived webinar that explains more about workbooks)
Graphics and Design in Learning (archived webinar that shares some research on PowerPoint design, which is our topic for next week)

Remember to email me if you have any questions during the week!

Session 2 presentation (handout version)
Session 2 recording (coming within 24 hours of workshop)

How to build trust and connection online
Learning Transfer Evaluation Model (Will Thalheimer)
Nonprofit Learning Playbook
Bye-Bye Bullet Points (PowerPoint)- 16 slides

Additional resources

“Aim for Action” video – explains the barriers/accelerators model
How to Design for Action ebook – describes my curriculum design method

1/27 & 2/3 – Design for Results: How to create curriculum that leads to change

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