Learning Technology Design Conference

Get Ready to Make A Difference: A three-lens approach to preparing for your next learning event

February 27, 2020 at 9:00am PST / 12:00pm EST

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Conferences That Make A Difference ebook: Download this 46-page guide on how to design a learningful conference. Authored by Nancy Bacon and Mark Nilles in 2019, it provides tips and tools to guide you through the four chapters of conference design.

Session powerpoint slides: Follow along in our session with these slides.

Session placemat: We created a one page tool to help you keep your notes in one place. We will be talking more about placemats during the session.

More on priming: How  to prepare webinar participants (blog)

Presenter webinar at the RFP kick-off: Slides Recorded webinar. As mentioned, we plant this recording on the conference website so people can watch it anytime. It has led to fewer, better proposals.

Questions or feedback? We welcome hearing from you. Email Nancy (nancy@nancybacon.com) or Mark (nillesmark@gmail.com). Visit nancybacon.com for more resources on learning and instructional design.

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How to Design for Action
by Nancy Bacon & Margaret Schulte
January 2020
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