Build a Learning Strategy to Expand Reach, Revenue, and Impact

Presenter: Nancy Bacon

Your association is building the capacity of organizations, advancing advocacy, and expanding connections between organizations and other sectors. What is the role of your learning program to deliver impact across all of your programs? How do you prioritize what you teach, how, and where? What is your learning program’s business plan? How do you communicate all of this to funders? This course is designed to support you—in the company of peers—to develop a learning strategy that expands your state association’s reach, revenue, and impact.

We will cover the core elements of a learning strategy:

  • Learning mission, vision, and philosophy as the foundation of your program
  • Key audiences
  • Current program and financial picture of your learning program
  • Future program and financial priorities
  • Pricing models
  • Key policies to support success

Contact us to find out how we can customize a learning program to your needs.

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