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Welcome to our 2-part series on October 7 & 14, 2020. Our goal is that you complete the series with the knowledge, tools, and practice you need to design and deliver an engaging training that makes a difference.

I will add resources to this page as we go along. Please check back.

Course tools

Workbook (pdf)

Session 1 presentation – handout form
Session 1 recording

*BONUS VIDEO: I had a lot more to say about tools and how to play with time to support learning and action, so I recorded a 4 minute bonus video with new information. Only watch this if you want more! (I also wrote about this topic in my August newsletter.) How will you use a 4-quadrant approach to expand how you support your learners?

Session 2 presentation – handout form
Session 2 recording
Emotion wheel (ppt slide) — I used this to hear how people are feeling quickly and collectively. I got this here. There are many options if you google “emotion wheel.” I tried to find one that was simpler. No need to overwhelm!
Power-user — By adding Power-user to your PowerPoint toolbar, you (1) have instant access to eye-catching graphics, and (2) save a ton of time with its short cuts. Note that it also has a “clean” function under FORMAT, a quick way to fix wonky fonts and graphics. I choose a design style at the start (most often using my branded colors), and then graphics come out looking coherent with that standard brand. Happy to explain more if you need help!

Additional resources

“Aim for Action” video – explains the barriers/accelerators model
How to Design for Action ebook – describes my curriculum design method
5 minute videos on learning topics (recorded with Guila Muir)

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