Hack the Mind: Use how people learn to influence them to action

Presenter: Nancy Bacon

You want to help people to do things differently. Maybe you want your non-finance board members to pay more attention to the bottom line. You might want to help policy members to take action on your issue or volunteers to follow safety protocols. Perhaps you are trying to give feedback to a staff member, helping them to work to their highest potential. Whatever the reason, we are surrounded by people who we want to move to action.

Luckily we have a lot of research on how people learn, change behavior, and sustain that performance over time upon which we can draw. We can better achieve our mission by being intentional in how we design programs, experiences, and conversations around change. In this session, you will explore your inner teacher. You will gain a deeper understanding of adult learning, behavior change, and habits. You will complete this session with practical skills to help you help others – and yourself—change how things get done.

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