The Trainer Academy with the NC Center for Nonprofits

Over two, 2-hour online sessions, you will learn how to design an effective workshop and how to deliver it in a way that maximizes participation. You will receive materials and assignments before and after each session to practice what you learn.

Alliance for Better Nonprofits Conference

I'm speaking at the Alliance for Better Nonprofits conference, serving East Tennessee nonprofits. ABN has put together a fantastic series focused on fundraising.

Beyond Workshops & Webinars: Tools to Move People to Action

Online WA

Next time you buy a piece of IKEA furniture (or something similar), do you take a class in furniture making to put it together? I bet you grab a “how to” guide and follow the instructions. When you want to write a press release or social media policy, do you take a class in press release writing? I bet you search online for something existing and start from there. When we design for action, we place workshops and webinars within a larger constellation of resources that we provide to the people we serve. Come learn how to think through what is need and produce something designed to be helpful.


Nonprofit Changemakers

We can shape a bold future by being intentional in how we design programs, experiences, and conversations around change. In this session, you will learn and apply ideas related to adult learning, the architecture of action, and behavior change. Come with a real situation you are working through, and you will leave with a list of actions you can take to design for change.

Graphics and Design in Learning

Online WA

A common request in our Trainer Academy class is for support in how to use PowerPoint. I show before and after images of PowerPoints, and people want more help producing eye-catching, heart-opening, brain-stimulating presentations and materials. If this describes you, join this session.


Design for Results: How to create curriculum that leads to change

Online WA

This workshop is so fun to teach because it awakens in so many people a new awareness about the centrality of the people we serve and what it is going to take to move them to action. It provides the advance planning needed for all of those other workshops or webinars that might come later in the year. We literally go back to the drawing board to think about our content with fresh eyes, and the result is always exciting!