Get Ready for a Disaster

Information and tools to help nonprofits prepare for bad events

You work hard to run programs and solve problems. You are focused on your work, not on getting ready for that disaster that might happen. You intend to do the right thing, yet limitations on time, funding, and technical knowledge can get in the way of getting your organization ready for something bad to happen.

Get Ready for a Disaster gives you information and tools to get your organization ready for a natural or pandemic disaster. This online course is designed for executive directors and board members so you can operationalize disaster preparation within your organization. It walks you through the why, what, and how of making your organization more resilient when facing natural or viral disasters.

As an emergency planner, this was a really good class. You got a lot of good information out to these people in a very short period of time. She hit on the key bullet points. This was a good presentation.

Emergency planner, Yakima, Washington

During this webinar, we will introduce disaster tools that will help you to:

  • Engage your board, staff, and community in disaster preparedness work
  • Evaluate what your organization needs to do
  • Build a disaster-ready culture
  • Implement key disaster preparedness actions

By the end of the online class, you will be able to:

  • Name two groups of people involved in addressing disaster preparation in your organization.
  • Describe how to shape a disaster-ready culture
  • Explain what goes into a Disaster Box
  • Name two ways that you are going to move forward getting disaster ready within the next month


Nancy Bacon is a teacher and instructional designer who has served in the nonprofit roles of executive director, founding program director, board member, and volunteer since 1996. She led Washington Nonprofits’ learning program since 2013 and regularly teaches on nonprofits topics in communities across Washington and online. She currently leads Nancy Bacon Consulting, a practice focused on learning and leadership in the nonprofit sector.

Nancy often presents this curriculum in partnership with a colleague from the area so local examples can be used in the presentation.


Delivery of this online class costs $1,500. It is possible to add on registration and production on Zoom for $500 additional.

“Get Ready for a Disaster” is based on the Nonprofit Disaster Planning Guide produced by Nancy Bacon and Margaret Schulte in 2020. Supporting the Guide are data collection tools and Continuity-of-Operations planning documents. Participants and partners have access to the complete suite of disaster planning tools as a part of offering this webinar.

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