UPCOMING classes

​Our Fall learning series starts on September 23. Visit our EVENTS page to learn more.

SCHEDULE classes

We lead classes on learning topics and produce learning series for nonprofits on topics that matter. We infuse our nonprofit learning events with everything we know about adult learning so they are engaging and outcome-focused.

Trainer Academy was great for our consultant members and a broader audience of nonprofit people. The reviews were great. This focus on learning will help us to strengthen the caliber of nonprofit trainers in our state. 

Amy Little, Executive Director, Idaho Nonprofit Center

LEARNING classes

We work with associations, community foundations, and other partners to deliver these workshops:

Hack the Mind: Use how people learn to influence them to action: A 90-minute session designed to bring what we know about adult learning and behavior change into nonprofit practice.

Online Leading and Learning: A two-hour session designed to help nonprofit and public sector leaders deliver effective meetings or trainings online. It explores ways to increase engagement and the results of a Zoom (or other) online event.

The Trainer Academy: A two-part series that dives more deeply into workshop design and delivery. It provides research-based guidance on how to turn information into instruction. It shares tips on ways to increase engagement so people remember what they learn.

Conferences That Make A Difference: Conferences take a lot of planning. Why not set yourself up for success by learning how to make your next conference learningful. We will walk through the four key steps in achieving your reach, revenue, and impact goals.

Build a Learning Strategy: Associations and nonprofits can build a learning strategy that expands reach, revenue, and impact. This course covers the core elements of a learning strategy: learning philosophy, business model, pricing, and policies to support success.


Reemergence Series: Offered in partnership with community foundations and associations, this series helps nonprofits emerge out of COVID more resilient and collaborative.

Leading in Times of Uncertainty with Skye Mercer
Nonprofit Financial Strategy with Scott Schaffer
Merger: A Strategy for Nonprofit Sustainability with Scott Schaffer
Six Superpowers of a Small Nonprofit Fundraiser with Sarah Brooks
Fundraising with Community at the Center with Pamela Oaks
Network Leadership: Collaboration for Greater Impact with Marty Kooistra
Build a Nonprofit Disaster Plan with Nancy Bacon

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