Scarcity and What We Can Do About It (Part 1)

We talk a lot about the scarcity mindset in nonprofits. It is that belief that nonprofits let limitations define them. They don’t have money, time, energy, knowledge, you name it. It is a wonder that they get anything done. We try to administer the antidote to the scarcity mindset: a mindset centered on abundance andContinue reading “Scarcity and What We Can Do About It (Part 1)”

A Nonprofiters View of the World

I’ve been spending a lot of time with nonprofits in Central Washington. I was recently asked what is most on their minds… and then The New Yorker arrived. Thinking about their view of the world is helping me think about what kind of programs would connect those isolated fields and reduce the height of thoseContinue reading “A Nonprofiters View of the World”